Thursday, 12 November 2015

How it feels to look at your own wedding photos for the first time | Day 4/100

I love looking at photos. I'm a great fan of actually getting photos printed, organising them into an album or frame and then revisiting them a month or two down the line. I like the feeling of happiness you get when you remember a particular occasion. And while the instant that's caught in the photo is one thing, it's all of the other little memories about that moment, day or complete period of time that it prompts which is more fun or interesting to remember.

So when my husband and I got to see the photos from our wedding we were fascinated and enthused to relive the day. It was interesting to see the result of what our wedding day looked like to someone that wasn't a friend or part of the family, but from the perspective of our photographer and we're glad to say that the vision he caught was exactly as we remembered and experienced it.

Our reactions to some of the photos were interesting to say the least. Especially any shots taken before the service as we'd not seen each other, so the photos really did speak a thousand words, prompting each of us to relive what was going through our respective minds at that point.

I could have easily poured over every photo for long periods of time, but with over 300 of them to look at and the sheer excitement of seeing what was there, what was next and what had been immortalised from the day in image, was so exciting that it was tough to linger on each one for more than a minute or so. Looking through your own wedding photos is easily as thrilling as experiencing the day unfold first hand.

Apologies that this was a bit of a sentimental #100DaysOfInteresting challenge, but you only get that feeling of seeing your wedding photos for the first time, once. So I wanted to put it down in words as best I could.

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