Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A swift batch of bats | Day 3/100

Behold the amazing result of what happens when I spend half an hour in the kitchen! That's right. I baked those bat-shaped biscuits which is, I appreciate, hard to believe since they look so damn professional.

Ok, I'll stop kidding myself now. Really though, I'm pretty proud of them. Despite getting an A* in my GCSE food tech, I rarely ever cook or bake, so this is an achievement for me. It's also only the second time I have ever attempted to make bat-shaped biscuits. My lovely Aunt, who likes to send me funky things in the post, found these bat biscuit cutters. For those that don't know, bats are totally my most favourite animal in the world, so this gift was much "Ooh-d" at when it arrived through my door.

My first attempt at cooking a batch of bat biscuits was a bit of a failure. I used self-raising flour (as per Paul Hollywood's Mum's recipe), but they all came out of the oven looking fat and over-weight. This time I took my husband's advice (as he's the better cook) and used plain flour. Think the definition is much improved and they look more like what they're supposed to.

In case you're wondering, they're ginger biscuits and they taste you would expect from an A* food tech student.

The chosen few: the bats that turned out the best. 


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