Sunday, 15 November 2015

Crime drama done the Italian way | Day 7/100

Today's original plans got thrown out of the window early on. This was due to an ill husband that needed a day indoors and, to be honest, I wasn't adverse to the idea of having a lazy stay-inside Sunday either.

Between the snoozing, chocolate eating and sticking the washing on, we watched Montalbano, an Italian crime series about a detective called Montalbano. It's a bit like Midsommer Murders, but sexier because it's Italian.

Montalbano. Not to be mistaken for a Mitchell brother.
The hubby came across the series after spotting it on iPlayer months ago, so he's been slowly working his way through it. I tune in now and then, but it's not totally my cup of tea. I can't look at Inspector Montalbano without thinking that he looks like the third Mitchell brother that never was. There's a lot of sex in it and gratuitous scenes of hot Italian women undressing for one reason or another. I'm 90 percent sure that's not why my husband watches it and he does, in fact, enjoy the entertaining storylines.

Still, if you're looking for something a bit different to watch, don't mind subtitles and crime dramas are your thing, then check it out. Mostly I enjoy trying to pick up new dramatic Italian phrases.   

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