Tuesday, 3 January 2012

NEWS FLASH! 2012 update

Only three days into the new year and already so much has happened in 2012: a new leader has been sworn into North Korea (that probably won't be any better than the last); UK gun laws are under scrutiny after a man shoots dead three women and himself; a murder case that has been open for 18 years has finally been closed; winds reaching 102mph brings British transport to a stop in parts of the country and kills two, and the Bangladesh government bans porn.

In terms of mainstream news it's not been the most uplifting of starts. Luckily, on a personal level the news is a lot more positive. For example, I had a very wonderful NYE with the boyfriend, drinking champagne and watching the fireworks from the comfort of my sofa. I went to the cinema for the first time in months to see Sherlock Holmes and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've been commissioned my first two news stories for the gardening site, and today I completed my first full day of being a freelance journalist (that feels good to say), which was very productive indeed.

The only blotch on my record so far is not being able to get the hang of the stove-top coffee maker I was gifted for Christmas. Two attempts I made at it this morning, and both times the coffee burnt. Fail. I guess my ideal working from-home start to the day with a fresh cup of coffee before settling down with my laptop will take more practise.

I thought of all of these things I wanted to blog about in my first post, whether I was going to round up my 2011 list and jot down a new 2012 list (which I will definitely do in the next couple of days), but I'm getting the feeling that this year requires spontaneity and an impulsiveness in order to make it a good one. I'm not big on new year resolutions, but I think if I had to make one it's that I should learn to be more relaxed and trust my instincts a bit more.

Well, I guess the first major step has happened - quitting my job - and now where the work comes from, or where my career goes from here is up to me being proactive and getting things done. Which I am going to do. Aims for the week:
  1. write up two news stories
  2. email off at least three feature pitches
  3. buy a new bike
All achievable I think. Small, manageable goals are the way forward to keep the morale up. Ok, I realise I'm rambling on like some overly enthusiastic self-help guru come looser, with too much money.

Ok, enough said. Have a good rest of the evening and speak soon!

RoseC -x-  

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