Monday, 12 December 2011

That Christmas feeling

Four more days to go,
Four more days of sorrow.
Four more days in that old dump,
But I will be at work tomorrow.

Despite there's still four days left at work, this week should be a fairly relaxed and easy week to get through. No, not because I'm going to show a DVD every lesson - as tempting as that might be - but most of my classes are having to do their assessment pieces. Means I can sit back, while they sit in silence (the quietest they've been all term) and write their little hearts out. Lovely.

Everyone seems ready for Christmas now. It's getting to that point that colleagues, loved ones and friends are starting to feel tired and twitchy and need a break. Personally I had the break down and fed up feeling about two weeks ago; I think I've been carrying on in a state of day-to-day delirium just to get through it. The cracks are starting to show among my more stable-minded friends now too, so that's a clear sign that everyone must have had enough.

I think what brought it on was our most festive house-mate and friends weekend. Biggest roast ever, crackers, lots of mulled wine, decorations and The Hat Game (like Articulate and Charades, but better!), generally it was awesome and a lot of fun. Really it felt like Christmas was here already, so the reality of going back to work was like a stinging slap in the face with a chicken carcass.

If, dear reader, you're feeling like this too, then I urge you to stay strong. There's either four days left for you (if in education) or a week and 3/4 days. You lucky people! It'll be here before you know it, then we'll all be beached in front of the TV watching The Muppet Christmas Carol for the fourteenth time, stuffing our faces with chocolate while our mothers slave over the most anticipated roast of the year. Perfect.

RoseC -x- 

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