Sunday, 4 December 2011

Great weekends

You know when you get those few and far between weekends that you never want to end? Well this weekend was exactly one of those for me. Everything about it from start to finish was amazing: from strip club adventures, to a Wench's fabulous birthday party, closely followed by friendly catch ups in Camden and some top chow in China Town. A little bit of this also added to the fun...

 I hasten to add that I didn't drink all of those by myself! It was so easy to get through them though while lounging in the relaxed atmosphere of Camden's Proud bar, which I'd never been to before. Great bar though as it's in the old Camden stables, very cool and perfect setting for some afternoon beering.

All of this was topped off with a wholly relaxing Sunday full of film watching (mainly The Guard. Very cool, black comedy film set in Ireland: see it!) and home made pizzas. Winner. Now if there was anyway to pause time for a bit and stave off the inevitable Monday blues, that would be great.

RoseC -x-

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