Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A first for everything

God I'm feeling exhausted, but am also feeling disgustingly guilty that I've not checked in over the last few days. I've been having fun times though and have been embracing a few life firsts. As I'm trying to view this year as a string of new experiences here's what I've been up to...

Watching my first Grand Prix
I've never really been a massive racing fan, but last Sunday I had an overwhelming urge to watch the Monaco Grand Prix. I say 'overwhelming urge', I think if I'm honest it comes down to the fact that I was still in my PJs when it came on and it seemed an easy watch.

We flicked it on from the build up when the drivers and cars were just coming on to the grid. I think during this I found my favourite BBC sports commentator ever! Martin Brundle. Now, as a Grand Prix - or Grand Pricks as my mate's kid very innocently calls it - novice it was quite something to see him work the grid, trying to get as many interviews as he could with everyone from the drivers, to the pit teams and even to the head of the FIA (is that what the governing body's called?) and all the while everyone manically rushing around getting ready for the race. Must easily be one of the toughest journo jobs out there, but shit he was good at it.

Quick, to the point interviews with the three grid leaders - Vettal, Button and...ah shit I can't remember but think it may have been one of the Ferrari drivers. Then he tried to speak to Schumacher, but he blanked Brundle, who retorted with, "fine if he doesn't want to talk to me, then I don't want to talk to him." A few moments later he was trying to grab an interview with someone else, another driver I think, but there was a media circus around him. Brundle managed to get in to speak to the driver, then some other photographer was trying to drag the driver elsewhere, but Brundle the Brave grabbed him and shooed the photog off with a "excuse me what do you think you're doing? I'm from the BBC, I'm live and I'm interviewing him get lost," or something to that effect.

By this point he'd totally got my attention, but the best of the bunch was when someone was put in front of him, thinking he was working for one of the cars. Turns out he wasn't. We knew this when Brundle said "Oh I thought you were [insert name here]. Right well you're not, I don't know why you've been put in front of me, I've got no idea who you are." Classic. And it got worse when it turned out that the bloke had nothing to do with F1, he was just a fan and was in fact a small time music producer. Brundle the Brave managed to save it though. Good work!

After that most entertaining start there was then a race, which I watched all 78 laps of and actually found myself engrossed. I won't got into details of the race as it'll be all most as tedious as me trying to recount what went before it. If you watched it, then you'll know how it ended. Did you feel as cheated as I did? I have to say that it definitely wasn't one of the most thrilling climaxes I've had after a first time experience.

The Blues Kitchen
Feeling restless by Sunday on this bank hol weekend, The Boy dug out some info as to what was going on in the city. It was a toss up between going to see Taxi Driver at the Prince Charles cinema, or catching some live music at The Blues Kitchen in Camden. We opted for the latter as neither of us had been to a blues gig before and neither of us think we've seen nearly enough live music lately.

Not my normal cup o' tea, but I really enjoyed it. We only stayed for two bands and the place was pretty full up. Great way to spend a Sunday evening and after three pints of cider, two rum and cokes and a shot of tequila later we were pretty much ready to head to China Town for some grub.

My first feature
Besides being distracted by TV and music, I've also been working on my first two features for a brand spanking new mag. It's meant sending out hundreds of emails (not even exaggerating) and getting in touch with some lovely people in the media world I've not spoken to in nearly a year. All that said though the articles are taking shape. It's also my firmist (or most firm?) excuse for why I've been hushed up for the last few days. After writing, reading and writing some more emails, I couldn't quite bring myself to then put together a blog. I know, weak right? Brundle would never have that attitude I'm sure - but then he gets to sun it up in exotic locations. Quite a contrast to sitting on a half broken sofa in South London.

Ok, I think I'm properly officially brain dead now and my eyes are exhausted. Perhaps not the best time to write. I feel it's turned into a lot of drivel rather than accurately capture my excitement of having tried some new things out over the weekend. i promise though, when the events took place there was enthusiasm.

Tomorrow then the aim is to return with plenty of energy and gusto. Night.


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