Wednesday, 13 November 2013


ARGH! I've got that thing this evening where I've been writing all day, but it's mostly been massively mundane stuff and now I feel I need to write something all insightful and creative, but because of the more cardboard writing I've been doing I'm actually a little bit brain dead. It's that thing where what you're writing is probably a completely ramble, but it feels so nice (from a writer's point of view) to just get it out of your fingers and your head and write something that, despite being a bit nothingness, at least requires a bit more thought and free flow than the rigid, dull, structured stuff you've been doing for the rest of the day. Any other writers/creative people reading this and know what I mean.

this is going to sound lame, but it's like you need to let all the lovely words and phrases pour out of your finger tips that you've been unable to use during the day. I guess now would be a good time to have a go at that 'flow poetry' malarkey, which I'm usually not very good at. Perhaps that's what I'll sit and do this evening.

Really I wanted to write a blog about networking and press events. I have this really insightful and thoughtful blog I'd like to write in regards to that side of my job, but tonight is not the night to do that. When I do write it, I'd like it to be useful, maybe even provoke some sort of debate between PRs and journalists. Ooh, me being controversial!

As it is, my fingers are feeling twitchy and my brain needs to splurge, so here it is and the more I type the more relieved I'm feeling. Reckon a few more sentences and I'll be feeling suitably satisfied. Writing blurb copy for sex toys all day just doesn't cut it in the satisfying stakes in the same way a juicy feature or blog would. Anyway, this is feeling good. My fingers and brain are beginning to feel appeased. I'm not even going to read this back you know until after I've hit post. I'm a rebel. I know! What can I say? Ooh...wait a minute...

Ah, that feels better :-)

Consider myself de-twitched (and I didn't even have any coffee today!).

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