Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Interactive blogging

So, I know that sometimes it can be effort to read a full-length, intellectual and engaging blog like mine and and then have to think about a witty or insightful comment to leave in response, so I've gone ahead and made a response system even easier for you using quick response boxes. Because I believe blogging can be a form of active media rather than passive, I've put these handy little boxes at the bottom of each post with choice words that you can click to show what you think about a particular blog entry. At the minute they say something like, 'funny', 'whiney', 'interesting' and 'agree'. Simply click one and I'll know what you think of what I've written.

Well, when I say, "I'll know what you've written," that's not strictly true because it's anonymous. So if you're worried that you want to say I'm 'whiney', but fear that I may hunt you down in reprisal, then don't, because it won't show me your name or who's responded. I just thought it might be fun or interesting to see what my global audience reckon about what I'm posting.

Interactive blogging all the way. Let the revolution start here!

Hope to tick-box here from you soon.

RoseC -x-

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