Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bordom, books, bonking, beer and bikes

I'm dehydrated. Since school broke up two weeks ago I've had a beer/cider/bottle of wine pretty much every night...apart from those two nights this week where I made a conscious effort to stay away from the booze. It started with end of term goodbye drinks, followed by hello and catch up drinks with the folks from Leicester and then since returning to London it slipped into boredom drinking and sharing a bottle or two with The Boy. Don't get the wrong idea though, I've not been out of my tree for the last two weeks, I've just remembered how to enjoy a drink every day a la student days. It's impossible to do that during term time.

Long and short of it is I've replaced the several bottles of water I used to drink with alcohol, not great, but there's no point stopping now as I'm jetting off to Australia in three days (woohoo!) to meet the rest of The Boy's family and friends, and catch up with people who were over here and are now over there. I anticipate much drinking whilst catching up with folks. Practice makes perfect and that I believe extends to alcoholism.

The first two weeks of the summer break have been a mixture of relaxation and frustration. I enjoyed the feeling of not getting up for work every morning, or having to try and reason with teenagers that doing their school work is a good thing. Being back in Leic was great as I had plenty of people to hang around with. Even getting back to London for the first day or so was fine...but then the boredom set in. It's rubbish being in London when:

a) all of your other friends and boyfriend have 9-5 jobs so there's literally no one to hang around with,
b) you're so skint that you can't actually afford to do anything, especially before going to the other side of the world, and it's tough to even afford the bus fare and...
c)'re free mode of transport i.e. my bike, has been stuck on one of those bike parking things because my extra reinforced steel D-lock had collapsed and so I couldn't get my bike free. This has basically left me house bound for the last two weeks.

Boredom set in rather rapidly so I took to reading - I re-read Ian McEwan's The Cement Garden, I forgot how dark it is - applying for jobs, strimming the lawn to within an inch of its life, and annoyingly trying to figure out how to set my bike free. After getting quotes from lock smiths it was gonna cost me nearly £100, more than the bike's worth. I toyed with the idea of buying bolt cutters, or hiring some sort of heavy duty power tool but I didn't have a pigging clue what I'd need. I even went so far as to ring the police and the fire brigade to see if they could help, but to no avail. So what does any girl do when she's in distress and flapping around like a dry fish? She turns to her boyfriend of course. Not exactly playing to my modern feminist side but fuck it, I was up shit creek.

After a week and a half of driving The Boy up the wall with me not making any decisions on how to free my bike he finally took the matter in hand. I thought if I kept pushing him he'd have an Incredible Hulk moment and chew through it with his teeth. Instead he did the sensible thing - found an angle grinder and today on a London street stood there and cut through the fucker. YEAH! I'm going out with a real power wielding man now GRRR!! I'm glad that's sorted before heading to Australia and my bike is now safely parked in the garden.

Now all I need to do is finish the job application and then begin the laborious task of packing and figuring out what to take to t'other side of the world. I hate packing. All in all I've not been very glamorous, or very Sex And The City lately....or well there's been the sex, lots of it, and very good, but then that's not the kind of writing suitable for this blog so I shall say no more. All in all London is proving to be a little bit tedious for me at the moment. Perhaps there needs to be a change in the wind soon and to take things in a different direction...

Speak soon!

Rose C -x- 

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