Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Popping my cherry

So here we go. I've finally had enough kicks up the arse to get my blog up and running. "About bloody time," you may be saying, especially if you know me, and if you know the number of ideas I've toyed around with and chewed over just to get to this point, constantly asking 'what exactly can be so interesting about my life that it's worth blogging about?'

The conclusion I've come to though is that I don't think there is anything highly significant going on in my life right now that would make this an amazingly interesting read, but I do have many dreams, aspirations and musings about things I'd like to do, or ideas about what I as an independent 20 something on a low income and living in the big smoke might like to do with her life.

Although the subject and thread of this blog isn't completely clear to me right now - it's more just a rough idea with a couple of splodges of inspired thoughts and a sprinkling of imagination and hopefully witty anecdotes of dreams yet to be fulfilled - I'm aiming that the more I write and explore my interests it will in time take form and become a string of coherent thoughts in some way or another. We'll see though. For now I'm just going to dwell in the happiness that I've managed to pop my blogging cherry and survive my first post!

Till tomorrow...



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