Monday, 14 October 2013

The At-Work Hangover

Whether you work in an office, or work from home; are an employee or self-employed, there is one thing we can all agree on: working with a hang over is really, really rubbish.

Unless you're t-total, every over 18 year old will, at some point, have experienced that hideous phenomenon of the 'at-work hangover'. From the moment the alarm goes off and you wake up with dry mouth, a dull "ow" in your head and the complete annoyance that even though you slept like a log, alcohol induced sleep has not provided you with the rest you needed, to the moment you sit down at your desk and start clock watching for it to be 5pm, there are few non-torture related pains in this world that are worse than the 'at-work hangover'.

Ohh, why did I have that extra beer?

Was that sixth smooth, hoppy pint in the cosy pub on a cold autumn day really worth it?

Does the fact that it's a Monday - that's right it's only freaking MONDAY! - and you're starting the long working week feeling like you could curl up and sleep under your desk, not leave you feeling a little bit dirty and ashamed?

Yes, yes it does...

All the good work of relaxing at the weekend has been undone by the 'at-work hangover', which only serves to remind you how long it is until the next weekend and so there are all of the trials and stresses of the entire working week to face before then.

Then there's the guilt...

Oohh the guilt! The guilt that wracks me to my very core. How could I be so foolish that with all of the work I know I must do, I have to complete and get through, but now nothing, that's right nothing, will be achieved with this 'at-work hangover' sitting over me.

The day is spent doing menial tasks, or taking longer to do the simple things until the fizzy make feel good kicks in so there might be at least half a chance to do the harder things. If suffering in an office, there's also the tricky business of making it appear to your colleagues that you're not completely inept. Keep them onside with extra offers of tea rounds, which a) makes you look really lovely and b) gives you precious moments away from the desk, computer, work space so that you might compose yourself or at least have allowed another 15 minutes of this day where time drag to have ticked by.

Yes, cosy Sunday drinking has a lot to answer for.  

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