Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A big ball of sunshine and happiness...

Today I am feeling fucked off.

There are several reasons for this, some I may go into and some I definitely won't. Lets tackle the obvious one first: the weather is really fucking nice and I'm stuck indoors writing, or trying to write, but I'm being thwarted at every turn and nothing seems to be coming together for me today. If ever there was a worse example of pathetic fallacy, then today would be it because my mood is fucking hideous, but it's such a glorious and beautiful day outside.

Bastard weather.

Another reason for my bad mood is that I'm uncharacteristically feeling like a complete soppy fucker and really missing The Boyf. He's been staying at mine for the last three weeks, but he "moved out" on Sunday. He's found a house now, so the pressure is off a little, but he has to help arrange viewings for his old place down in Kent. Do I feel as if I've been dropped like a cold bag of sick?...Of course not...

I thought I'd be all happy having my own space back, but instead I feel a bit shit that he's not around in the evenings and as much as I hated him waking me up because I was snoring, I quite miss having him in bed. Mostly I miss him cooking for me though. I've to reacquaint myself with how a saucepan works as well as how to navigate around Tesco for the food shopping. Well, it's just been so long since I've had to do it...

Talking of space, the final 'mini rant' I'm going to have is about the fact that I may have to move house. The landlord has decided to put the rent up and there's no way I can justify paying more than I do for my box of a room. Moving house is a ball ache - hunting for a house is even more so. Especially as we're in the run up to the Olympics. I can't even begin to tell you how many adverts on Gumtree are advertising properties at disgusting prices just because the Olympics are on for two weeks of the fucking year. Fuck that.

Overall I think today is a complete write-off. Not what I had in mind at all as I was so productive on Monday and yesterday I had a really good day in the sex shop; I managed to sell one of the most expensive toys in the cabinet!

Go me!

RoseC -x- 

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