Sunday, 3 January 2016

Scrapbooking 2015 | Day 55/100

At the start of new years I know that the general rule is to look forward. To think ahead of all the fun things, exciting possibilities and new life experiences that the next 52 weeks can bring. While I have done a bit of that, I have to admit that 2015 was an exceptionally brilliant year for me: I had a hen party with some of my best friends and family; I got married; I saw some fabulous friends get married; my brother moved to London; drove a Mercedes; had friends and family visit from Australia and so much more that I can't even remember.

So yes, I know it's only the second day of 2016, but today I really enjoyed looking back at some of those super happy memories from just last year. I'm a big fan of actually getting photos printed. I have a draw full of them and am currently in the process of buying enough frames and photo albums to fit them all in. Today I finally got round to scrapbooking my hen party. That happened back in July, but I've only just had the spare money to get all the photos printed that I wanted.

As part of my hen party gift, my bridesmaids and friends created a book for me with photos and lovely messages for me to keep. The idea was that I then filled the rest of the pages with pics and mementos from the day. A glass of white wine, crap New Year holiday film's on the TV, blank pages and a stack of photos in front of me. I was the most relaxed and happy I'd been in weeks!

It's really hard not to smile from ear to ear when looking back through old photos. They're a brilliant remedy for when you've had a crap day. Rather than feel gloomy and let your photo albums gather dust on the shelf, pull one of them out and look back through the photos. Even if they were only taken a month or two ago, it doesn't matter how fresh the memory is, leaf through them and I bet you'll feel happier by the end of it.

Hen party done; next on to organising all my wedding snaps (I may be gone for some time...).

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