Friday, 27 February 2015

Tomboys are sluts, suggests (dubious) new research

Ok, so researchers at King's College London may not have used the 's' word, but...

Tomboys, regardless of sexuality, are more promiscuous

Apparently. The study has shown that women who had tomboy tendencies when they were younger, generally have more lovers when older.

It leads me to wonder that if...

I am tomboy, therefore I slut [it up]

Warning: I am not about to offer a balanced or serious view of this 'scientific' finding and you'll quickly see why.

The 'Science'

Researchers questioned almost 500 pairs of twins (always with the twins in these studies) and asked whether they were attracted to men or women, how many lovers they'd had and about their "levels of childhood gender non-conformity".

Because, ya know, that's what we all think about when we're kids: I'm not going to fit my gender stereotype so that I *might* be more likely to fuck more people when I'm older. Pfft. 

From the study, the Kings College boffins concluded that those women with the 'tomboy gene' (I know, right, seriously, who knew we had a gene all of our own?!) had more sexual partners than those that didn't.

Results from the study suggest that the gene that causes women (gay and straight) to act in a masculine way, is the same one that causes them to be more promiscuous. Analysis showed that around 30% of a woman's sexuality is defined by her genes, while the other 70% is apparently down to lifestyle factors: peer pressure, social ideologies, conditions in the womb.

(Kinda interesting if it's true, but all sounds a bit vague.)

As long as there are hetero tomboys, there will also be lesbians


I should point out at this stage that I read about this tomboys = sluts thing on the Daily Mail, so lets take this bit with a whole sack of salt. Also, I've been unable to track down the original King's College paper on the topic to see if this is true. Either way, this bit made me laugh in a WTF kinda way...

'The finding helps explain why homosexuality doesn’t die out, even though lesbian couples are not able to naturally have children carrying the genes of each partner.
This is because straight tomboys have more lovers than others – and so the ‘tomboy DNA’ stays in circulation, according to the study carried out by a team from King’s College London.'

Just let that sink in for a minute and try not to hit the palm of your hand on your forehead too hard. 

Is this serious?!

Really, I think this all sounds like a crock of shit. Unsurprisingly, there have been very few other news outlets to cover the story and it's questionable as to how seriously the scientific community will take the researchers findings. 

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  1. Man, this article is offensive to the tomboys out there.

    Let me tell you this from the bottom of my heart, ALL...and again I say, all..women.are.sluts.



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