Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Please pass me that brick wall

It's been one of those days today folks. You know the kind, why it never really gets started, because there is one obstacle after another so what you planned to do is waylaid by a few minutes, then an hour, then another two hours. Before you know it, it's four o'clock and you're still trying to resolve the task that should have taken 10 minutes, because it turns out it's actually a lot more serious than you first thought.

Urgh. Guess that's hump day for you! Stupid Wednesdays. It's interesting how my sound track to today has evolved over the hours as I went from upbeat that it'll all be fine, to increasingly frustrated.

My soundscape started off rather mellow and refined. As I worked on my latest porn feature I had Classic FM on the go. If ever you need to feel inspired, or especially creative, I recommend that station. Listening to great composers definitely has the ability to spark ideas and inspiration. Either that, or it leaves you feeling like you've climbed a rung on the class ladder.

My day went a bit silent in the middle as I took phone calls, relayed information (searched for a brick wall) then sat quietly as I reflected on what I needed to do and what would be the best course of action.

Pilates snapped me out of it. There was some get up and go, pumping music playing quietly in the background. It was just enough to get me stretching with more vigour. I returned home thinking, it's fine. Now I've been out for a bit there will be some good news waiting for me.

There wasn't. There was no news.

From then, until now it's been all about the metal of the heaviest variety. I'm a goth at heart. I spent most of my teenage years dressed in black (not much has changed), so sticking on some metal makes me think back to when life was simpler. It's also a great soundtrack to have on the go if you have to hammer out a slightly peeved email or do tedious, methodical work. Angry music results in furious typing and before you know it, the job is done.

Here's hoping tomorrow's sound is a bit more relaxed and mainstream! 

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