Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I like to talk about sex 'n' stuff

Every now and then I have media-type people coming to me to ask me to talk about rudey, nudey sex type things. There haven't been many, I wouldn't class myself a sexpert by any stretch of the imagination, and generally it's to ask for comments about what it's like to write about sex in the media. An interesting subject.

Such an occasion arose today, where I have been asked to take part in a two-part blog feature on sex and social media. You can read it here and there are even some pretty pics of me that put my blog photo to shame!

As you can see from the post there will be a second part on Thursday: exciting! I don't think there will be as many pictures of my face in that one though.

Incidentally, if you found that interesting then you can also see me quoted here.


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