Thursday, 6 October 2011

From within a panda hat

I'm feeling far too excitable for a Thursday night, especially as there hasn't been any alcohol consumed. After my productive day yesterday I feel like I should be on a roll on the job front and feel all positive and upbeat about it.

Well hello happiness. I've not seen you for a while.

I'm feeling so chipper that I've even donned my happy panda hat - a birthday gift from a friend that has successfully managed to turn me into the kind of person I once despised. Seeing people walk down the streets in stupid animal hats made me tut and shake my head, but now I have one of my own I heart it. Oh how I'm so easily swayed.

Anyway, I digress. So I had a good day at work (bar a nose bleed first lesson, a remnant of all the nose blowing I did yesterday. Gross) and came home full of beans ready to jump on some more applications. After scouring all the lovely sites I signed up to it quickly became apparent that I have actually applied for all the suitable jobs that I can apply for right now. How frustrating.

I've been thinking that I'd like to set myself a target of applying for at least two jobs a night. Is that unrealistic? As there wasn't anything new to apply for this evening I looked back over the jobs that didn't first grab my attention on yesterday's look. So there's one that I'm going to go for that's writing for free, but getting some of my writing published on the web still. Good for the portfolio and christ my imagination is crying out for something to get my teeth into. Also after looking at the site it reminds me a lot of the university magazine that we put together for our third year project; a slightly obscured view of the world from a young persons point of view (and I do consider myself a young person and I have a railcard to prove it).

The other is a job as an entertainment writer for a well known news site. Upon second glance it looks like a really good opportunity: working for a large interweb news site, based in London and the salary isn't too bad. There are also worse topics to write on than entertainment, so it's quite an eye catcher, especially as everyone thinks writing about the world of celebrity is just as glamorous as being in that world yourself. It's not, obviously, but in the world of young, upstart journos like myself getting a spot on an entertainment desk is a coveted position.

"So, obviously Rose you've put your application in for such a fab sounding job?" 

Err, well no, actually I didn't. Or haven't. There's one little thing holding me back. The application requests that along with your CV and examples of your work, you also write an 800 word feature on the turbulent year that Cheryl Cole has had. Hmm. Now, in fairness I have been chewing it over all today as to what angle I might take. Obviously I wouldn't go with the, "poor Chezza she's been shit on again which she totes doesn't deserve because she's the most amazing woman ever, with amazing L'Oreal hair, and an awesome singing voice that it doesn't matter she's not released anything in the last year and why is everyone always so horrible JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!! SHE JUST HAVING A TOUGH TIME OKAY?!?!"

Yeah, basically I'm not going to kiss any celebs arse. Let alone hers. I'm not really a fan of her music. I really dislike X-Factor (to the point housemates throw me out of the living room when it's on because I can't keep my mouth shut) and I don't care whether she gets back with Ashley or not. They sound as bad as each other. Then there's the terrible hairspray advert where she tries to do every do, but ends up looking more trashy than classy. I was sick to the back teeth too, hearing all her whinging and moaning about getting a place on American X-Factor. Being promised it, and then dropped like a cold bag of sick by Cowell only to be offered the presenters job, but she wasn't even sure of that as she came up against the might that is Steve Jones - ya'know, the Welsh T4 presenter chap - and I can't imagine he's better know than Cheryl, especially as she's buddies with Will.I.Am. Ouch. Yep, not quite as 'big' as you first though are you Chezza?....Awkward.....

Either way we can surmise that her year has indeed been turbulently shit to the point that it's now being banded around in the weeklies that she has to "relaunch herself" because her career is in such tatters. Bull shit, she's still on the covers of most the trash mags and raking it in from one deal or another.

*Sigh* I think what we can also surmise from these last couple of paragraphs is that I have very little sympathy with celebs and therefore I conclude that the coveted role of entertainment writer should go to someone else. If I think trying to empathise with Cheryl Cole is hard then we can safely say that feeling sorry for and going through all the boos and hoos with the likes of TOWIE or Made in Chelsea 'celebs', or worse having to write positively about Justin 'fuckwit' Beiber, would actually kill me. My boyfriend would definitely never look me in the eye again and I can't say I'd blame him.

It's days like today when I think about what I can write, that really makes me miss the world of filth. Now that I could do.

RoseC -x-   

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